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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weather Has Always Been Strange

Isn't it strange? This wintery storm hitting the nation seemingly argues against Global Warming. Many might be puzzled by this cold weather this late in the year, thinking it contradicts all that noise about how the planet is warming. Well, it really doesn't. And that's probably one of the reasons the environmentalists and others have taken to using "Climate Change" in place of Global Warming.

I am one of those who might be called a "denier" when it comes to Climate Change. But my skepticism is only about the cause, or the primary cause, of Climate Change. And I dislike the idea that we can do much about it. My opinion is that we should try to adapt to it. That we should concentrate on how we can use it to our benefit rather than worry about how terrible it might be.

I have written about this before. A few times, actually, just search the blog for "climate change" to see what I wrote. I may not know much about science but that has never stopped me from having an opinion. I am not alone in that, look at all those Hollywood celebrities who speak like they are experts about issues. The only difference between them and me is the size of our bank accounts and the number of people who idolize us. I have no fan club, just opinions.

If the planet is warming, weather will get weird. The differences in warm and cold areas are a major factor in weather. So, yes, Climate Change can be expected to make weather even more unpredictable than it already is. But many of the dire predictions by the Climate Change advocates haven't come true. We haven't had the rise in sea levels, nor the increase and intensity of storms, that seemed to be the main threats. We may yet see these happen but, so far, nothing.

Many of the deniers (most of whom only, like me, deny that human activity is the primary driver of it) point to the reported lack of temperature increase in the last decade. I would expect that the possible temperature increase would not be linear.

I read a couple of headlines the other day that said that Climate Change may shift wine making regions around. Well, duh! If France's wine regions get too warm, the grapes will be of poor quality. Fine wine requires a certain, fairly stable, climate. France may lose its place as a primary wine producer. To New Zealand... or even (gasp!) the British Isles.

You see, Climate Change will shift "normal" temperatures around. Some places that are cold will become warm. Agriculture will become more common in places where it once had a very short season. We should expect that and adapt to it. It is not really a disaster. It is opportunity.

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