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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life on the Road

I was doing fine until yesterday. Then I found that I had to rely on my tablet to write a post. Let's just say it didn't work out so well. The tablet's keyboard (a virtual one) is difficult for an accomplished typist but a complete disaster at the fingertips of one such as I. And Blogger's editor is less than tablet friendly. At least for me.

We stayed at a less than stellar Comfort Inn in a place called Moriarty, NM, on Saturday night. Double beds, tiny bath tub, and no cell coverage to speak of. Fortunately, we were expected at Faye's brother's house in Prescott Valley (Arizona) on Sunday afternoon. And we made it... after a stop at an out of the way Indian Casino. Indian Casinos are the Red Man's revenge. But this one didn't know that. It was a pleasant place that allowed Faye to win nicely. Not a great amount but enough to treat her brother, his wife, his daughter and her daughter to a nice Mexican Meal.

The next day, we found our way on the worst paved highways and interstates I have seen in years. Rough, patchy, and just poorly maintained. And full of big rigs. And, to top it off, very windy. I mean 30-40 MPH windy... a cross wind, to boot. And even some rain. I've been through worse but it was a few decades ago. Did I mention it was also cold? Not inside the car, of course, but you have to stop for gas sometime.

Still, we managed to get to Vegas without crashing and burning or breaking down on the side of the road. And it was well worth it. 3 nights in a comped room  in the New York New York cannot be scoffed at. Ok, so Faye likes to gamble... but there are perks.

Still, I am a bit exhausted after the drive. Anyone out there from Texas? Can you explain to me why the state highways are designated "FM" and the number? I cannot seem to find the answer online.


Ken said...

Moriarty NM is just a wide spot on the road but if you go through there on the way back home check out the US Southwest Soaring Museum
..lots of gliders & soaring planes going back to WW-II.

Douglas said...

There is always something interesting even in small, nondescript towns such as Moriarty. I will try to check that out on the way back. Thanks for the tip.

Joanne Noragon said...

Sounds like the governor may have sold the interstate. Like Indiana did.

Douglas said...

You may be right, Jeanne, but much of I-40 has been like that for years. I first noticed it back in the late 70's on trips to Albuquerque. It's mostly bad in the right hand lanes where the primary truck traffic is.