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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Final Preparation for Tomorrow

As I approach the beginning of the journey to San Diego (and, hopefully, back), I do so with serenity and calm. I have no choice in the matter beyond insisting on driving rather than flying. Faye has provided for our trip in logistics (planning and packing and arranging some of the stop-overs) and so I have little to do beyond mentally preparing myself for dealing with traffic and long days of driving.

Since I do not mind driving long distances, it is not difficult to prepare. Cruise control prevents the dreaded "dead foot"; a malady that afflicted most of us back in the olden days. On long drives in those days, I would switch feet on the gas pedal from time to time. Have you ever tried to use your left foot on the gas pedal? It is not easy. And it is not comfortable. I would twist myself around so my right foot was up on the transmission hump (these were also the days before front wheel drive was common), my back was almost up against the driver's door, and I was sort of sideways in the seat. Since bench seats in the front were the norm, this was easier than it sounds.

These days, however, I set the cruise control for 5 MPH above the speed limit and try to avoid being run over.  I will now burn a new MP3 CD for the trip. Some songs that Faye will likely not appreciate but will keep me awake.

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