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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forgetfulness That Hurts

On any given trip, I forget to bring things. Mostly easily replaceable items that I can pick up at the nearest WalMart or other fine store; my electric razor, comb, or other small toiletry item. This time, it wasn't just me and the items are not easily replaceable. They are clothes. Quite a lot of them. Clothes were were planning on wearing in Las Vegas. And some jackets.

The jackets became important as we stopped briefly at the Mississippi Welcome Center. It was cool and rainy. Jackets would have been useful. This is when we realized how much we had left behind. After the usual point and blame routine, we came to grips with this reality. And the jackets would have been useful at Faye's brother's house in Prescott Valley in Arizona. That place is actually in the high desert and it gets chilly there.

So, no jackets, no hoodie sweatshirt (mine), and none of the clothes Faye planned on wearing in Vegas.

We can only hope that Frannie can pack up the clothes and ship them to Faye's brother's house in time.

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