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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Freedom is Fragile

As some of you know, this blogger is an advocate of freedom of speech.  He is also one who doesn't think it is understood by the average person. Some seem to think it is a license to use swear words in public or to preach hate. Others seem to think it applies only to those with whom they agree. Yet others think it is the right to appear on stage naked and covered in chocolate.

So, when I read this yesterday, it bothered me. Intrigued me, actually, so I followed a link in the story to this where I found something quite disturbing:

"In a democratic and secular state governed by the rule of law, expressing an opinion should not lead to long terms of imprisonment," it read. "A case like this is both an attack on artistic freedom and on the culture of humanity."

The words which disturbed me were "should not lead to long terms of imprisonment". 

They should disturb you also, I think.

 So should this

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