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Monday, April 1, 2013


I was driving home yesterday morning after filling my gas tank, getting the car washed, and vacuuming it out. As I left the Burger King with breakfast, this song came on the radio...

The DJ commented that "It's lonely at the bottom, too." Something I always knew but never had expressed.

A verse in the song really hit me:

I had the wind in my sails and she took it
I had the world by the tail and she shook it
I reached out for a lifeline and she threw me a noose
I got the short end of the chicken and
She got the golden goose

Ok, it was this line, not the verse:

I reached out for a lifeline and she threw me a noose

Sometimes, a line like that just sums up an ex-wife...

My ex was born on April 1st but I was the fool.

And today? Well, today Faye and I head out for the annual excursion to San Diego (via Biloxi and Las Vegas). Oddly, I am looking forward to this.


Pearl said...

San Diego is such a lovely area, I think. And Biloxi just sounds exotic to this Minnesota gal.


Vegas? Hmm. Swimming pools in the desert.


Douglas said...

Trust me, Pearl, Biloxi is not all that exotic.