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Friday, October 12, 2012

All will be revealed at 10 to the hour

I watch way too much TV. It's not my fault...nothing is ever my fault, by the way... My parents took advantage of the one-eyed babysitter when I was a small child and gave me the "habit." As long as I was watching TV, I wasn't jamming chisels into my fingers or trying to slice my finger off while making a sandwich. No, I was just burning out brain cells on mindless drivel.

But it turned me into a keen observer of some constants in TV programming.  The bumbling dad, the clever teenager, the way all things are resolved at the end of the show and a moral of the story is blatantly obvious.

And the killer is revealed in crime shows. This, of course, comes at a specific time. Just after the commercial break that comes at the time noted in the title of this piece.

There is one other constant... What I call the "wrap up." it occurs after the final commercial break of the show. And it usually contains the "punchline" to the show and an explanation of how the killer (if a crime show) was unveiled.

If only life was as predictable.

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