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Thursday, October 25, 2012

I guess I won't be working for 60 Minutes

I didn't have much to do so I decided to try an interview with a man in the street. I gave up quickly because I nearly got run over several times. I decided it might be safer to interview a man on a sidewalk.

I randomly selected a young man to interview. Maybe not exactly randomly... I chose a guy with purple hair and a number of piercings on his face. First, because he attracted my attention and, second, because he didn't walk or run away when I approached. In fact, he seemed quite friendly and greeted me with a smile, held out his hand, and said, "Got any spare change?"

I ignored that and just asked him if he minded my asking him a few questions...

Are you old enough to vote?

"I think so. How old do you have to be?"


"I'm pretty sure I'm older than that. Wanna see my ID?"

No, that's okay. Have you decided who you are going to vote for?

"Is there an  election coming up?"

Yes, the presidential election is in a couple of weeks.

"Wow dude!"

Yeah, wow... So, you decided who you're gonna vote for?

"Who's running? Not that Bush guy, I hope?"

No, nobody named Bush... Obama and Romney.

"A guy named Obama wants to be president?"

Uh, Obama is the president.

"Really? Wow dude, that's rad. An Irish guy is president."

Not Irish. His name's Barack Obama and he was elected in 2008.

"Cool! Weird name, though, you sure he's not Irish? I'm kinda Irish... on my mom's boyfriend's side. His name's O'Hara but I call him O'Tool. Get it?"

Yeah, well... no, he's African-American, his father was from Kenya. You didn't know who was president?

"Well, I haven't been around much lately...I just got out a few weeks ago."

Got out of where?

"Prison, dude... 3-5 for burglary."

Never mind... here's a buck, good luck.

I guess I'm not cut out to be an interviewer...

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