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Friday, October 5, 2012

Can we start over?

Do you believe in The Apocalypse? No, not the movie with Marlin Brando playing a megalomaniac AWOL colonel, the one predicted in Revelations. Scary stuff, that. I only ask because I am reading a Koontz book and Odd Thomas seems to be involved in one. Perhaps preventing one from happening... it's not clear to me yet.

I am fascinated by the prospect of Apocalypse. Having grown up on cheesy science fiction movies, I do not see an Apocalypse as a bad thing but as an opportunity. So did, I suspect, the producers and directors of those cheesy science fiction films.

Maybe it's just human nature to fantasize about just erasing civilization and starting over. Think about it, we have these idyllic childhoods (well, most of us anyway) followed by the angst and drama of teenagery after which we are crushed by the reality of adulthood. Most of us anyway, I have a few friends who have yet to grow up but are collecting Social Security. I often think of them as the lucky ones.

I suppose an Apocalypse is too much to hope for.

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